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    "Animal farm" is a British writer George Orwell's works, the content of this book is very interesting, but seemingly camouflage in the fairy tale story, mapping connotation is actually very profound and thought-provoking, so we need to carefully taste.

    The story is very simple, tells the story of a farm animal from human host oppression, resistance in the two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon led off farm animals, to achieve a "in power" desire. But soon the revolutionary pigs broke up, and one of the leaders of the snowball was declared by Napoleon as the enemy of the revolution. Napoleon, the leader of the pig, has gained more and more power to become the new privileged class. The slight discontent of the animals would lead to bloody cleansing, and Napoleon would eventually become a farmer like exploiter, and the animals would return to their former misery.

    The animals in the farm symbolize different roles and classes. A male horse boxer but diligent and capable of ignorance, although feel contradictory thoughts and behaviors of pigs, but could not clear, the more hard work to his paralysis, symbolizes the desire for equality with the grass-roots democracy; herd is the ignorance of the masses, blindly deny everything for Napoleon, Napoleon said is correct; the donkey Benjamin represents the thinking of intellectuals, it is still oppressed that farm, just exploiters into Napoleon from farmers, the doings of Napoleon skeptical wise but themselves, so life is still low-key, cautious. And hens, cats, and so on. They all represent different classes.

    In this revolution, farm animals are poor. They are like people on the bottom of society. They don't have lofty ideals or ambitions to create a better future. They just want to improve their lives. Pigs tell animals to build windmills to improve their lives, but in the end they can't even live up to their standard of living. The reason is that the fruits of labour are more exploited, because animals think that what they do is for themselves. The boxer shouted, "I'll work harder." I threw myself into my labor until I ran out of my life and sold it to the slaughterhouse. The exploitation of animals by animals is more deceptive than the exploitation of animals, deception undermines the resistance of animals, and the prohibition of singing the song of the livestock of England is also aimed at eliminating the resistance of animals. Without resistance, authoritarian rule becomes easy and long. The so-called "freedom" has become a thorough joke, they are only in the plight of silent struggle. As Zhang Yanghao - "shanpoyang - Tongguan huaigu" said: "Xing, people suffering; death, suffering people."

    Orwell tells people with an allegory: "a post revolutionary regime, if there is no democratic supervision, there is no rule of law, must be alienated, it must go to his opposite.". The revolution always begins with anti despotism, as the old and young school says when it comes to animals: "the root of all evil lies in the absolute rule of man."". In fact, democracy requires no high quality, no need for knowledge, just a sense of responsibility. Only the people are really aware that they need it, and true democracy will come true.

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