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    一. 说明写信原因;2.批评不文明行为;3.为学校和同学们提出建议。 参考词汇: 80周年校庆(the 80th School Anniversary), 善(kindness), 雅(elegance),志(great)

    二. 短文必须包括以上内容要点,可以适当发挥;

    三. 词数80左右沈从文作品,开头已给出沈从文作品,不计入总词数。

    60% of the students think life is full of happiness, because their parents take good care of them, and they don’t have to worry about food and clothes. 35% feel unhappy, because they have too much homework to do and there is little time for our door activities. At the same time, some are the only child in their family, so they often feel lonely. The rest of the students think happiness is such a deep topic for them that they never think about it carefully.

    As middle school students, we should learn to be thankful to life and try to keep happy every day. What’s more, we should do more for the society and try to make others around us feel happy.

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