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    My favorite season is winter. Although the winter is very cold, but it brings us endless joy. In winter, play snowballs and make a snowman, the game is full of happy people love. You type, I type, snowball hit the body cool zi zi. In campus, with laughter ground was snow, like a big carpet. Full of ice on the eaves, a ribs a ribs, like crystal, is beautiful! We are a large and a small footprint on the carpet, drew beautiful //www.t262.com/pice lively rise." By the way, there is a tree. It was covered with tree, and some branches were bending the waist, was "like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of critics, pear flower tree." Really nice! The reason why I like winter, because it brings us infinite joy, is it, make some beautiful sentences and paragraphs out...

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