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    Teens age, innocent and pure rebellion, such a beautiful youth!

    Wearing colorful clothes, freedom to learn, Brisk growth, such a beautiful youth!

    Girls cheerful smile, for all curious to explore, but it also falls over, cry, but it will eventually wiped away tears, stubborn strides forward. Do not throw in the towel, do not bow, not arrogant, it is our youth declaration.

    The boys then play a cool, large dazzle their strengths, or laughing out loud with buddies. After examination nutation funeral brain majority, but the playing field and the game, but they are strong. Wait until understand that trying to learn when to head cantilever cone biting. Neat, not sloppy, won from the loser, is "man" should do.

    As our youth mixed with tea, ink rhyme fragrant, smooth, bitter and sweet, like a fleeting, all of a sudden just, bold and agitation.

    Please Shang Hua as famous general, taste our youth.







    the ing 散文诗的特点 中国最美散文 散文美句 汪曾祺散文精选

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